A Real Hero

Wow, I got to meet Alicia Silverstone yesterday! She has written an amazing book called "The Kind Diet" about how to live clean and healthy and at the same time be kind to the planet and the animals. She had a reading at Powell's last night and I was lucky enough to get to help her pre-sign her books. We chatted about local vegan restaurants, and she told me about the awful experience she'd had at the Portland airport because of really aggressive paparazzi! I can't believe those evil people are even here in Portland. But, she was really really sweet and personable and sincere.

The message of the book is that if you stop eating the refined, fatty, cheesy, meaty diet of America, you can cure yourself of allergies, chronic pain and fatigue, lose weight, have glowing skin, save the planet and basically give the finger to the pharmaceutical companies that depend on your illnesses.

Alicia doesn't get sick. She doesn't need any kind of medication. Her journey to health is a template for us all get out of the trap of western health care, people! To ditch the pharmacies! To thumb your nose at HMO's! (Hey, that rhymes!)

One fact she shared at the reading: did you know that to produce ONE 16oz steak you have to use the same amount of water that a person would use to shower in for 6 MONTHS. Just for one steak. This doesn't take into consideration the fuel burned to grow the feed, and ship the cow to the

slaughter house. This also does not consider the terrifying and painful experience for the cows, either.
A highly toxic affair, all around. And for what, a freakin' steak? Get over it and get healthy!

I'm going to read her book and see what I can do to tighten up my lifestyle. She says she feels like she's just getting younger and younger. I think we could all do with some freedom from aches and pains, and from the Big Money that doesn't want you to feel well.

Let's emancipate ourselves!

I love Alicia Silverstone, she is an inspiration.

(I had to snap these photos on my phone, there were no "posed" photos allowed.)


Bonnie Story said…
She's a fantastic inspiration - and everything you said about the net effect of her "foodway" is TRUE (don't really want to call it a diet..!) It's the ultimate remedy to just about everything that plagues our society and our bodies now. Throw in the idea of localvore eating and CSA's, and you have a nice boost to ultralocal economies as well, and jobs too. It should make Big Pharma afraid, very afraid -- and the cherry on top is that it's the shortest line between the average flabby sick American, and having glowing good health. I endorse your endorsement 100%. And how neat that you got to personally chill with her!! She's a peach, really.