Raw and Unadulterated

Well! My first night out at MFNW was a smash success. We managed to see 5 bands, all crazy good, we weren't too crowded and we always could get a beer when needed. AND we looked fabulous the WHOLE time!

It was an exciting night and one of the most exciting moments was during Monotronix's set at the Roseland. The crowd was totally keyed up, it was almost a mob scene as the singer mounted first a pole, then a drum and alternately pulled his pants down, led the crowd in a raucous round of cheering, and stage dived into the crowd. This singer is impossible to look away from, bare ass and all... he looks like a crazy Doobie Brother on hard drugs. Fascinating!

Next up was THE BAD BRAINS, one of the worlds all-time greatest punk bands. I know I'm about 20 years too late, but it was the first time I'd seen them. I didn't know what to expect onstage what with all the prison/schizophrenia stories I've heard about HR, the singer. He stood on stage like a homeless reggae professor in his dreads and suit jacket. But he had a sad look in his eye the whole time and hardly moved a muscle while singing. Still, lack of energy aside (and that is, sadly what MADE the Bad Brains, their incredible energy), it was great to just stand there and look at them. (sigh.) Good ol' Bad Brains.

Next up, THE ZEROS! The Mexican Ramones! The Zeros were everything The Bad Brains were not... excited and happy to be there. They sounded fantastic, their songs, though written when they were in their teens and they're easily late 40's/early 50's now, still stand the test of time. What great songs!!! I was running out of memory on my camera so I only got a piece of my favorite Zero's song "Beat Your Heart Out". But, I got the most important part.

Finally we caught a couple of sons of Mudhoney, a band I never really liked in the 90's, but enjoyed last night. Their lyrics are pretty silly, but singer Mark Arm is really fun to watch, and their guitar player is EXCELLENT.

All in all a very enjoyable night in downtown Portland. Tonight, the Valiant Arms take the stage at 10pm at Slabtown to show off their rock to the people. Join us!