One of my personal heroes, STELLA MCCARTNEY. This girl has some (very refined) cojones, almost single-handedly changing the face of haute couture. She makes absolutely beautiful clothes, and without a fuss is totally green. No leather, no fur, no carbon-generated
power, with her wind-powered studio and website! She makes completely green high fashion that celebrities and regular humans covet alike. Last year she made a line of clothing for the H&M stores so mortals like I could even afford it.

Stella not only designs clothing, but creates sculpture. Here is an amazing "chandelier" she made for an art exhibit at Belsay castle.

Stella shows us that you can be at the forefront of your art and celebrity and still totally embrace compassion and conservation. We can live as fabulously as we want, have all the goodies we want, and yet still BE KIND to the environment and our fellow earth-dwellers.