Man O' War

The truth of the matter is, I don't approve of horse racing at all. You need only look back to the tragic demise of the beautiful Barbaro and Eight Bells to see the cruelty of the sport. However, THIS horse, "Man O' War" was one of my all time favorite horses when I was a little girl. While shelving in the children's section I found the 1962 novel "Man O' War" by Walter Farley. The story describes the intense devotion the big horse inspired in his fans. With his unprecedented speed, 28-foot stride, and sheer will to win, Man O' War gave the public a hero to believe in after the end of World War I. You can feel the love Walter Farley felt for the horse, and if you were a horse-crazy little girl like me you'll recognize some of this horse in Farley's other hero, The Black Stallion.