"Intelligent" Design

This book passed through my hands upstairs in the sorting room of Powells. It was ready to be dumped and bore a post-it note from the buyer who first came across it:

"I hope I never see this book again in my life." it read.

Intrigued, I flipped through.

Incredible. In "The Dinosaurs of Eden" we see two modern-day people put on space suits and travel through something called "The Bible Time Gate". This allows them to see into a past where Adam, Eve and the Brontosaurus all lived together in perfect harmony. Eve even has a sort of "pet" dinosaur that allows her to feed it berries!

Some people even used the dinosaur in their daily lives, like a horse!
It reminds me of the Flintstones.

Here is the man who wrote the book. Ken Ham. He has also written books called "The Lie: Evolution" and "The Dinosaur Mystery Solved". He seems desperate to explain away science so that no one can deny creationism. And he's got the Abe Lincoln beard thing which always makes me nervous.