D-D-D- Don't Believe the Hype

Health care Schmealth Care. I don't believe for one second that "America" is all riled up about health care. Republican America does not rile up enough to get off their asses and hit the streets about anything.

They didn't do it about electing George Bush TWO TIMES.

They didn't do it for the IRAQ WAR.

They didn't do it for THE ENVIRONMENT.

They didn't do it for EDUCATION OF OUR CHILDREN.

Republican America does not care.

Pharmaceutical companies and HMO's and Insurance Corporations care A LOT.
They hired some poor Republicans, paid them a lot of money I'm sure, and let them hit the media stage with all guns a-blazing. Wheeee-Yoooo, that's a mighty good time!!!
Mob-mentality titillation.

If you were to ask each and every single one of those Republicans who hate the proposed health care plan what exactly they hate about it, it would become immediately clear that they don't know the first thing about the plan. If they had to form one sentence that didn't have the word "socialist" in it, they couldn't do it.

It's not about the plan.
It's about the SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS that got us here (uninsured and dying for lack of health care) in the first place.

My dear friend Bonnie put together this website to help break down the actual facts of US health care and what is being proposed to improve it.
Click here to read the facts of Obama's plan.
Thank you Bonnie, for helping us get to the reality of the situation, not some paid-for desperate grab for power over the helpless!


Bonnie Story said…
I totally agree. Big Pharma has it's arm so far up the Repub's butt that there is no hope. Also many of the shockingly ineffective democrat sellouts are grabbing their ankles too. I worked on a project that aims to slice through the hype and BS about healthcare by creating a system for dissecting the issues in a calm localized manner that can be replicated anywhere. It's called "Everyone's Health Counts" and it's based on the "Study Circle" system for exploring any issue. It really lends itself to healthcare, now more than ever. You might like to page around in this online presentation that we did, it's good to know that some kind of levelheaded thought is taking place on the subject.

Everyone's Health Counts:

Thanks for taking the time to vent your frustrations on the healthcare issue. It's absolutely insane in this country... Is the post office "socialized"? Is the military "socialized"? Are freeways "socialized"? YES. It's that way for a good reason. The way the whole dialog has been hijacked by hysteria-for-hire is disgraceful.
Anonymous said…
Hey congrats on the purchase of the home. Makes me smile to know that Greg now works for the man and will likely never live in a collective again:-)
To your health care point; I agree that Republicans do not hit the streets. The current nonsense we are witnessing is actually and sadly all on the Democrat Party and here is why:
1. There is no one plan, and there especially is no Obama Plan. There are at least 4 competing Democrat plans in various committees both in the House and the Senate, and they are wildly different from each other.
2. The plan that is getting folks riled up is the plan currently stuck in House energy committee, snippets of these 1200 or so pages being used to confuse at some of the town hall meetings (those held by U.S. Representatives). Other town hall meetings held by Senators have only discussed one of the various plans in the Senate Committee chaired by Byron Dorgan, also a Democrat. This plan currently has no public option.
3. Obama should, but has not as of yet put forth a plan, merely very broad principles which his own party are feeling necessarily compelled to follow.
4. Democrats do not need one single Republican vote to pass health care reform, they have the numbers to ram a plan through.
If Obama could "herd the cats" and bridge the far ranging ideological gulf within the party, this deal would be done.He needs to spend some political capital and make it happen.
This of course has nothing to do with HMOs, Pharmaceuticals and therefore is not nearly as sexy, interesting, or even satisfying as castigating the corporate knuckleheads.
Greg knows my take, all politicians and all want to be politicians are mentally ill. Who else would live in that world of theirs?
Anonymous said…
# 3 above should have read; are not feeling necessarily compelled to follow.
I suck at typing. I need one more index finger.
Diane said…
Thank you Phil! You are so right. I really wonder why are we so diseased as a culture? Is the power of capitalism so insidious that it allows for the complete degradation of our humanity? I feel like I'm trapped by the political system's innate corruption and America's downright aggressive stupidity. How is that as a society we respond to any little accusation, any buzz word or phrase of the day with such vehemence and outrage, and yet allow the most flagrant abuse of power (Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, De Lay, Limbaugh, Gingrich,Rove etc, etc)and even fervently defend these abusers?
Health care reform? We need complete government reform. Obama needs to kick some ass.