Chez Rios

It's ours. Our little yellow dream house on a hill! The title company, our realtor and our landlord all called yesterday to congratulate us on the official "recording" of the sale. I'm finally a full-fledged adult with a mortgage and a 401k. And to think, all it took was a financial collapse and a miracle election to make it possible. Hooray!
Here we are at the Signing of the Documents.
And here I am, celebrating at the Sapphire Hotel afterwards. A votre sante!


Congratulations! We've been working non stop on our place since we closed last week.
Anonymous said…
But what is the best thing to wear
Diane, I'm out of my head day off.
Quilt tops for the twins are done.

Now, the ... fill & back story

Thanks for the textile journey.
I modeled sweaters too, I loved
how you could take the arms...
Kevin said…
Congratulations! Many happy returns and home repairs!