Camping in the Backyard!

Our little backyard is barely big enough for our enormous tent. It kind of looks like a shogun helmet.

Although we were ten feet from our backdoor we managed to roast marshmallows and play the guitar around the fire as if we were deep in the forest. We'll make it to the real forest next month, and for the first time since we had Cora it will just be Mr. Rios and myself. We're even leaving the dog at home!

Hooray for camping, even in the backyard.


Bonnie Story said…
Wow, that will be a huge milestone!! Not even a dog to worry about - sounds like a recipe for quality time. I really enjoyed the video you posted the other day, I have watched it so many times. It messes with my head and also makes me feel better at the same time... thanks for sharing that. XXOO Bon
Bonnie Story said…
OH! PS: I almost fell out o' my chair when I saw "Self-portrait with Bandaged Ear" over there - that's the one Van Gogh I have actually seen in person - it's absolutely psychadelic in person. There is amazing, profound texture in the paint application that just etches a story into the whole piece- and the colors just blow the doors off. I'm so glad I got to see that piece, at the De Young in SF. I hope to someday get to Amsterdam to check out the VG museum there.
scottk said…
I love camping! Sunnyside at Cougar Resavour is our new favorite. CHeers!