Park Rock

Well, we did it! We played a 2 hour set in the park, complete with children dancing and drunk guys screaming for more drums.

When we first arrived at the park I was happy to see the stage set up in the shade of a huge tree, and thrilled to notice food carts scattered on the lawn selling kettle corn and various snacks. We've never played a show that sold kettle corn before. ( And it's delicious!) I was a little alarmed at the sight of small armies of families arriving with folding chairs and coolers and blankets... more and more marched out of the trees and off of the sidewalks, filling the large lawn around the stage. My god! Did these nice, happy people know what kind of music we played? I started to fear that they were expecting groovy dance tunes, or beautiful folk music, anything but extremely loud, distorted rock and roll. Good grief, we were going to clear the park as soon as we got started! People might get injured packing up and getting out so fast!

Well, they stuck around, although I do think we surprised them all. I know we were a delightful surprise to the shirtless drunk guy who kept screaming that we "ROCKED, MAN!"

Fernhill park is absolutely lovely with its gentle hills and shady spots, large stage and excellent sound! I could hear my vocals, even! One of my fave moments came when I was singing our song "20 Years" and a small airplane flew low overhead, its belly tinged with pink from the rosy set of the evening sun. It was truly a beautiful night, and not at all the scorcher we feared.

Thank you friends and family for being out there in the audience with your smiling faces, and thank you to Portland Parks for inviting us to be there.

And hats off to my sister Sara who took these fantastic photos! Sara takes wedding photos so if you need any, let me know!

Check my friend Gary Lee's blog for more pix...
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Bonnie Story said…
Wow!!!! So glad it wasn't meltingly hot and I'm glad some folks got their doors blown off! It's good for them. You look so cute. I love what you have on. Got more video of the show???? Pleeeeeze??? Hey, is that Dan M. doin' the OOWWWW in the vid? Or am I seeing things? Congrats on a great show and I bet they will have you back for happy returns. Cheers!! Bon
Diane said…
Bonzo! Yes that is Dan McClure doing the rock face, and his lovely wife Noelle, and my husband Greg in the white tee... rockers, all! xo
noelle said…
Ooowwwww! That show rocked! And the pictures really are great--thanks sara!
Ed said…
I love park rock in the summertime! What is up with all the food carts in Portland this week? Is there some kind of food-cart event going on? Or is that just how your city eats?
Anonymous said…
Diane, you have an Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray bass now? I am so jealous!

Diane said…
Hi Martin! No, that is Rob Jones' bass that I borrowed. It's very cute, no?
Anonymous said…
Yes it is!. It looks great great on you!