I love July 8th!

My goodness, it's my birthday. 43 years old!! I must admit, for a middle-aged person I feel pretty great!

I'm having a coffee at an internet cafe right now because our computer is down. Then I'll take myself downtown for a tiny shopping experience and then to the vegan bakery to pick up my lovely little birthday cake. Which me and the fam. will eat tonight. Tomorrow Cora and I head out to LOS ANGELES again... 4 days in the sunny Santa Monica sea air will do me a world of good.

A bientot!
xo diane
ps: some notable July 8th birthdays:

Lynn Redgrave (so beautiful and graceful and helps me not fear aging)

Jean de la Fontaine (fables!)

Micky Dolenz (a monkey!)

Aiden Quinn (uber-cute!)

Here are some good Jean de la Fontaine quotes:

"A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it."


"A pessimist and an optimist; so much the worse, so much the better."

and my favorite,

"A hungry stomach cannot hear." so true!


Gary said…
Happy Birthday, Diane* (a few days late, that is)!

Enjoy your mini-vacay.

*and to Mickey Dolenz, natch.
Bonnie Story said…
Happy birthday sweetie - and today, happy Bastille Day!!! Yowie!! Hope you are having a great time in da southland hoods. XXOO Bon