An Awkward American

I never feel so un-american as on the 4th of July. With the influx of american flags, alcohol, explosions, hot dogs and screaming kids... I just want to run away. We tried to run away, to the coast but were thwarted by the above-mentioned throngs of full-blooded, enthusiastic and thoroughly smashed american hoards.

In the parking lot of our little beach hotel were big, bloated pickup trucks with decals that read, "The family that prays together, stays together." and "Blessed by God...spoiled by my husband" and then the ominous "Power of Pride" displayed on an american flag, which is uncomfortably close to White Pride, if you ask me.

My most awkward american moment came when we went to this little cafe for breakfast and there were two large army guys there at the same time. They held the door open for us, and I thanked them and went in. As we were waiting to be seated I thought I should probably insist they be seated first, especially since it was the 4th of July and everything, but that seemed so dramatic and embarrassing that I didn't. I felt a little bit guilty and evil about it, too. (sigh) Such an internal conflict!

We decided to skip town before the July 4th parade so we didn't get stuck there, drowning in american pride and the obese, smoking, alcoholic, fire-arm owning culture watching it. We hit the road and found one totally deserted beach that was completely peaceful and serene. The little dunes there were covered in friendly beach grass that had tiny purple flowers growing in it. The sun came out and lit up the silver sand running between my toes. It actually sparkled with silver, it was sooo beautiful. We headed up the coast and came upon the most beautiful beach I've ever seen. There was a walk through old-growth forest on mossy trails and across wooden bridges to get to this gorgeous little bay. There were a lot of surfers there, and suddenly, watching their graceful and silent and respectful dance upon the waves, I felt better about america and americans. The nature in our country is sublime, and there really are those who understand that and want to preserve it with integrity and intelligence.


Bonnie Story said…
Hey! Thank dog almighty that you live in Portland! Imagine how it is in the "heartland" places. Oh how I love to see Ziggy flying in his cosmic onesie!!! Thanks for the smile -- what a fantastic beach and splendid conditions for you all. XXOO Bon
Diane said…
Bonnie! Send me your email address and we'll make a plan!
xoxo Diane