Positively Paleolithic

We took a quick jaunt out to some waterfalls this weekend. Our gorgeous state is brimming over with waterfalls, some of them only 20 minutes from Portland. Me and the fam drove out through the Columbia Gorge to Horsetail Falls and Ponytail Falls. Soooo beautiful.

It's crazy how ten feet off the highway in Oregon, you can find old growth forest. Oblivious to the traffic and human activity ancient mossy cliffs rise out of pine and fern-- and at this time of year, millions of gallons of cold water gush over the rocks to create enormous waterfalls. At the top of Horsetail Falls you can stand under an outcrop of rock and look at the waterfall falling over your head, framed in bright green, moist ferns. Just like it looked 10 million years ago. Unless that was the time when the Gorge was being created out of a massive river of ice water? hmmm. Well, long before us, anyhow.

The old Columbia Gorge Highway is dotted with beautiful tunnels and railings built 100 years ago. There was also this tribute to the Daughters of the American Revolution.


Ed said…
I always dig your blog, Diane, although I don't comment often. I'm glad to have you as a comrade in Oregon appreciation. Should we form a secret society?
Diane said…
Yes, let's! We can call it SADO (Secret Admirers of Delightful Oregon) and then when we get a huge following we can be called the SADO nation!