Our Own Little Patch of Sky

Knock on wood because it hasn't closed yet, but we're buying our house! This lovely little yellow craftsman house built in 1908, where we've been living since we moved to Portland 4 years ago, will be our very own!!! I loved this house the very first time I saw it on Craigslist and decided to drive up to Portland from Eugene that afternoon to see it. That first morning as I drove up Hawthorne boulevard I marveled that this could be the street we lived next to, full of shops and restaurants and funky nooks and crannies. And the Baghdad theater!!! We would be neighbors with the Baghdad theater??! How fantastic!

Since then we've explored our neighborhood from head to toe and have personal favorite streets. I adore Division st, with its cozy eclectic mix of mom and pop shops and urban hipster hangouts. I also totally love Ash st. near the 28th and Burnside. As sweet as a street could be, tree-lined and chock full of Victorian houses, with views of the west hills to kill for.
You can't go wrong, no matter where you go around here! We're thrilled beyond measure to have a toe-hold in this place.

Our little house is at the foot of Mt. Tabor, that marvelous urban volcano covered in pine trees and castle-like reservoirs. Perched at the base, our front porch looking across the river to downtown --
I'm in love!

I would personally like to thank Mr. President Obama for the "new deal" he's giving us first-time home buyers. Because of that, yes we could.


Crabby Amy said…
OMG!!!! yay!!!! and congratulations to you guys!!! I am seriously so happy for you, because you totally deserve this! yay! xoxo
That is totally awesome!
Morgan said…
Hooray! I'm really happy for you guys, it's a sweet place.
Diane said…
Thanks to everyone! Stay tuned for a housewarming event...
i was just going to stay do you need help planning it! I can help! Congrats loves!
Anonymous said…
Diane! Simply amazing! I'm happy for you guys! Someday I'd love to see ya...Heather from Eug.
Bonnie Story said…
Diane!!! I'm so excited to read yo' blog and this news! Congratulations and how great that you don't have to MOVE! I think about you all the time and now that I have a house to live in, and my head has popped out of my butt after 18 months of boot camp, I'd love to come down for a visit. And also have you come up here! In any case, I send my love and many well-wishes for your awesome news. Yes you can!! HEART, Bon