13 Ways to Say Yes

Yesterday was the 13th wedding anniversary of Mr. Rios and I. I can only believe it when I look at our nearly 12 year-old daughter-- I suppose she's living proof, but it certainly doesn't feel that long. Luckily we still like to look at each other, and aren't too hard on the eyes.

To mark the occasion I made G a cd:

13 Ways to Say Yes ( in 19 songs)

1. My Love Is -- Holly Golightly
2. Debbie Loves Joey -- Helen Love
3. A Message to Pretty -- Mike Johnson
4. You're My Only Home -- Magnetic Fields
5. To Be Alone With You -- Sufjan Stevens
6. Your Touch -- The Black Keys
7. Love Pours Out of My Heart -- Miss Ludella Black
8. My Life Would Suck Without You -- Kelly Clarkson
9. Your Home is Where You're Happy -- Lemonheads
10. Lovers Understand -- Oswald Five-O
11. Your Song -- Elton John
12. Shake it Like a Pom Pom -- Missy Elliott
13. The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair -- Led Zeppelin
14. That Look You Gave to Me -- Mickey and Ludella
15. Gimme Sympathy -- Metric
16. Comes Love -- Billy Holiday
17. Little Shadow -- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
18. U. R. A. Fever -- The Kills
10. She's My Rock -- George Jones

because after all, it was a series of masterful cassette compilations made by Mr. Rios as well as his very cool 1964 Bel Air automobile that helped woo me in the first place.


number 10 makes me smile! Congrats for you! Glad you both are going strong! That Senor Rios is a keeper... he woo's me everytime i see him! I wish you nothing but the best in the soon years to come! BTW i miss you! Drinks soon!
oops.. i meant number 8. Kelly Clarkson!
snider said…
weird!!! yesterday is my brothers 13th wedding anniversary! and he's younger than me.

hi diane :)
Crabby Amy said…
Happy Anniversary you two!!! :) Lovely, lovely list! xoxo amy
briankarmelich said…
Nice list - wish I had all those on my ipod. Wishing you & Greg a very happy anniversary - can't believe it was been 13 years...
Anonymous said…
Happy Anniversary you two! I miss you guys and hope to see you soon. Here's to you two!
Love Pours Out Of My Heart is one of the greatest songs ever committed to magnetic tape!