Who knew work parties could be so fun?! When you work at Powell's, the "creative" possibilities are endless! Friday night about 60-75 people showed up at our little house, ready to rock. Three Powell's bands set up in our basement and thrilled their coworkers with the music they love.
Greg Petix's band "The Middle Ages" (Greg's about 40), rocked everyone's socks off with their screamy pop/rock songs, very garage (very basement!). Next up "Capra-esque", Brendan's band, who actually brought in a cello, a humongous keyboard, and several other musicians to play in my basement. I bet my basement has never had a cello played in it before. Lastly my band "The Valiant Arms" rounded out the evening with loud, somewhat sloppy rock. My coworkers were enthusiastically waving their beers and there was a mosh-pit of 4 right in front of me. Happily nothing at all was knocked over or broken. We were well-behaved party animals!
Here are a few photos of the night, and one video. Stay tuned for more as folks send them to me, and A BIG THANK YOU to everyone for coming by!