Simone de Beauvoir et la Pie Jacasse

Would you look at cute little Simone de Beauvoir! I had no idea she was such a style star! I have very little patience with her writing, although big props to her for railing against the ridiculous and flagrant oppression of women by totally inept men, but her and Jean Paul Sartre's existential excuses for love affairs and pretentious intellectual posturing is fairly appalling. Nice earrings though!

I found this delightful book "Simone de Beauvoir ou l'entreprise de vivre" at Powell's yesterday and loved the black and white photos of the literati in 40's France. A must-have, and a bon
marche for only $5

I also had to have this wonderful children's book "Les Cris des Animaux" which introduced some very interesting verbs to me.

For example, did you know that "Le Cochon Grogne"? (The Pig Grunts)
also, "La Pie Jacasse" (The Magpie Chatters), but what in the world is the camel doing? "Le Chameau Blatere" - I cannot find the verb "blatere, or blaterer" anywhere online. It sounds a bit gassy, to me.

French friends, disez-moi ce que veut dire, s'il vous plait!


Anonymous said…
It seems to be of Latin origin; in Italian, it means "to blather."

It also seems to be a noisy expostulation that may be uttered by a camel before commencing the rut.
Diane said…
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Diane said…
So, to recap: it is a blathering, noisy expostulating rut sound. How parfait! Merci beaucoup!