You Steel My Heart

Today I rode home on this GLORIOUS spring day, across the fantastic Steel Bridge. I've been waiting for the rain to go away so I can explore different ways home. I can't believe I get to take these fantastic commutes!

I biked along the Willamette river under cherry trees and then huffed up the hill to cruise across the huge, black metal span of the Steel Bridge, racing the MAX train,and stopping to take these pictures.

The view of Portland from all of the bridges is superb. This city is soooooo beautiful!!! It's like a fairyland of perfect views, everywhere you look. The contrasting downtown architecture, the rolling hills, dramatic skies, and even the radio towers resembling smaller Eiffel towers. I love it all!

After crossing the bridge I sped in a spiral down a ramp onto the eastside esplanade. What a treat! Now I'm at the river's surface, on a smooth, wide path filled with other bikers and happy pedestrians, now I'm circling the massive bases of the Morrison bridge, and now I'm riding on the bike path that floats on pontoons-- I pass pairs of Canada geese and I can smell the river.

All winter long I have pedaled my ass to and from work through all kinds of weather. Somedays I wore snow pants and snow gloves, but I loved the look of the quiet, frozen city, even if my cheeks were numb when I got to Powell's, and the wind would almost blow me into traffic crossing the Burnside bridge. Other nights it would be softly misting, the lights in Laurelhurst park glowing like in a Dicken's novel.
Now the spring is here, hallelujah! I am going to start taking other detours on my commute, experimenting with more neighborhood streets and bridges. It's a different city every day!

Portland, JE T'AIME!