Go Monkey Go!!!

A failed escape. Nine Japanese macaque monkeys tried to find their way to freedom from the Oregon National Primate Research Center (OPRC). They opened their unlocked cages, crept down together and I'm sure with hearts beating fast and all the other caged monkeys observing their progress, they found their way out.
Unfortunately, they are all back in. One monkey made it longer than all the others, but he too is now back in his cage, living a life of experiments, or killing monotony in the breeding program.

According to the Oregonian the Oregon National Primate Research Center currently imprisons

4, 525 primates.

900 of these sensitive creatures are used in experiments, the rest are forced to reproduce.

The ONPRC received

$79,235,000 in federal funding last year. ( Almost 80 million, people!)

It is financially and morally irresponsible to support this organisation. The experiments they conduct are fully replicable by other means. Animal testing is no longer needed in nearly 100 percent of cases. The funds it requires to build, staff, and run these centers are wasted when a state-of-the art, simplified and animal-free research center replaces them.

And the monkeys, who are as human as a non homo sapien can be, are living lives of misery and fear.

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Here is a copy of my own letter

I am writing to ask you to close your primate research center. You currently imprison 4,525 monkeys, forcing 900 to participate in experiments and the others to breed. This is inhumane and cruel. The monkeys that tried their best to escape were trying to escape for a reason. Nearly 80 million dollars is too much to fund a research center that is quickly becoming obsolete in today's modern science. There are alternatives to animal testing and you could save yourself and all of us millions of dollars by closing this center and allowing the monkeys to live out lives in the sunshine and green sanctuaries. During their brief liberty, the monkeys had a taste of a better existence. Here's a quote from your own head vet C.J. Doane, " I think they had a good time. I think they were enjoying the sunshine." Thank you, Diane Rios


hey Diane,

i have a friend that works there, and he does not doing testing on the monkeys, but he takes care of them. He treats them with the most respect and gives them treats, cleans them, love them and is very protective of them. He really does not like the whole testing on them and is trying to stop it. Thank you for you letter writing. you Rock!!
Diane said…
Oh, I am SO glad the monkeys have a friend on the inside, trying to improve their situation. Tell your friend we support his kind efforts! Give the monkeys some love for moi! xo d