Two new books to share, both completely fantastic, in completely different ways. First, the uber-cute "MIEZEKATZEN", printed in Germany in 1973. It's an approximately 3" x 3" pamphlet "Pixi" book, about a Katzenmutter ( mother cat ) and her naughty kittens. Only 25 cents and so much german cuteness! Who knew!

Next up, and vastly more sobering, is the astounding "THE INNER CITY MOTHER GOOSE" by Eve Merriam and Lawrence Ratzkin and published in 1969 in New York. This book defies definition. It is certainly not a children's book, but a blunt and angry remonstration of the racial issues in our country. Eve Merriam has given her own interpretation of classic Mother Goose, and along with the gritty black and white urban photography of Lawrence Ratzkin fearlessly presented an unapologetic condemnation of white hypocrisy. It's powerful stuff, and makes me extremely uncomfortable at times. I'm impressed that in 1969 they and the Simon and Schuster publishing company had the awareness and confidence to publish it. ( click on photos to read poems)

Little Jack Horner

Little Jack Horner
Sat in the corner
Thumbing his first-grade book

Look, Jack,
Look at blonde Jane and blue-eyed Dick
And their nice green lawn
And their nice clean town
And their dog that is brown.

Little Jack Horner,
Dumb in the corner,
Why don't you learn to read?