A Question of Taste

While receiving used french books the other day, I happened upon a 19th century book called "Le Physiognomie du Gout" ( pronounced 'goo' -- "The Physiognomy of Taste" ). A beautiful leather-bound tome, the contents were a bit dry for my modern tastes until I happened upon this charming note left by a previous owner:

"The French have taste in all they do,
Which we are quite without;
For nature, which to those gave "gout",
To us gave only gout."

After carefully taking this item home to scan into the computer, I replaced into the book the next day to surprise and delight it's next owner. Tres charmant!



noelle said…
oooh, this goes so nicely with the current special exhibit: La voulupté du goût.
Anonymous said…
Hi Diane! J'aime bien voir ton visage sur l'ecran! Oh, my French is rust upon rust...
Est-ce que tu facebook?
bisous xxxxlisa