From Eugene to New York, circa 1991

Back in the DAY! I was in a band. Sharing the same house, practice space, alleyway, bleach bottle and VW Vanegan, Oswald Five-O hit the road to take on the United States of America.
We toured with the legendary Some Velvet Sidewalk and the Spinanes. 3 weeks of driving and playing every night from Minneapolis to Chicago to Boston to NEW YORK CITY! Then home by way of Kansas, Utah, Colorado....was I glad to get out of that Vanegan! Here are just a few pictures, for some reason we didn't carry cameras around with us back then.


Jon said…
Those pictures of you are so cute!I kind of love the early 90's fashion and art.
PS: totally jealous that you toured with Spinanes. We opened for Rebecca Gates once, it was good, but no spinanes....
mortytoad said…
Yes! The Dress! Mary Lou Lord gave Don that? Only he could pull that off. What a gorgeous couple. I recognize the scary Brooklyn place we played where I saw a rat the size of a grizzly bear swimming in a cesspool in the middle of what looked like a city dump. And The Spinanes left us for a day or two to go and play with Jesus Lizard in Maine (I think).

Ha! What fun. Poor Vanagan.