Born Free (like only a straight hairdresser can be) -- SHAMPOO 1975

I just spent the most delightful two hours watching "Shampoo" a great movie made in 1975 and starring Warren Beatty and Julie Christie. I've seen it before, but not for years and this was the first time I paid much attention to the writing and acting. I loved it and highly recommend it!!

"Shampoo" is a story about a straight hairdresser named George Roundy, played by Beatty, who in the spirit of the 70's sleeps with all of his clients. Not a very deep story line, but brought to life by really great acting on the part of Beatty, Christie, and Lee Grant (who won a supporting actress OSCAR for her performance as a bitter cuckholder AND cuckholdee) The great character actor Jack Warden does a fantastic job playing a hapless executive whose wife, mistress and daughter are all involved with George. Carrie Fisher makes an appearance as Jack's bored, angry horny daughter. ( On a side note, I just finished reading Carrie Fisher's latest biography, "Wishful Drinking", it was HILARIOUS, more on that later.)

The look of the film is total 70's Santa Monica, California with a great soundtrack of Beatles and Beach Boys and other 70's classics. The style is totally groovy with amazing pantsuits, big hair and the sexiest black sequined, BACKLESS dress you've ever seen!

Even though "Shampoo" is a comedy there is a touching feel throughout the oh-so-naughty escapades that really resonates. Beatty's character is NICE, for all his playboy ways, and yet he's doomed to loneliness because of course playboys can't commit, and women for the most part, especially women in the 70's, want commitment. Poor Gorgeous George!

The clip below is filled with inappropriate language and behavior, tell your children not to watch it.