"With the Pride of the Artist you must blow against the walls of every power that exists the small trumpet of your defiance." -- Norman Mailer

Cora's music teacher, the incredible MISS HERON (right photo) is going to play at Barrack Obama's inauguration!!! She will be performing in the National Lesbian and Gay Band Association Inaugural Marching Band!! Miss Heron teaches Cora the saxophone in the 5th grade band at Atkinson Elementary. Since we started attending Atkinson 3 years ago, we've seen many performances, talent shows, etc directed by Kim Heron and her energy and focused attention always impressed me. She puts instruments into the hands of children who've never held an instrument before and in 9 months has them playing in a full orchestra. She asks for commitment and respect and the kids deliver. What an incredible skill to have before middle school!!! We love Miss Heron and are thrilled she'll be there to welcome President Obama into office.