Temporary Ultra-Violence

It seems that in 1977 for approximately 24 hours, the ozone layer was depleted enough to allow toxic levels of ultra-violet radiation to seep through the atmosphere. For 24 hours humans, mammals and birds were driven insane by the sun. Then suddenly, ozone levels adjusted themselves and everything went back to normal.

"Day of the Animals" depicts this deadly day in the summer of 1975 and none other than LESLIE NIELSON, ad-executive-gone-MAD is the worst animal of all.

Nielson, in a rare dramatic role, terrifies as an ad man on a recreational hike. From the moment he shows up in his leather leisure coat and backpack I knew he was trouble. And I was right. An hour into the hike Nielson flips the camera the bird (!) and says, "Hey hotshot, how'd you like to tackle this?" (homo-erotic, anyone?) Then he just gets MEANER AND MEANER as he makes "Kemosabe" jokes to the native american character, to his sneering use of the term "Big Mocker" which he specifies is "Advertising Executive Talk". One of his best lines comes around the campfire when he tosses this one off: "Hey Hotshot, I use my head every day, a lot of people use their BUTTS!" I think you're supposed to believe it is the ultra-violet radiation making him act this way, but I think all ad-execs are like this.

I was worried about watching "Day of the Animals" at first because, being an animal lover and thoroughly against using animals in films or tv, I was afraid they would show terrified animals that were obviously being provoked to act aggressively, or for that matter ACTUALLY KILLED (this is 1975 we're talking about) for the shot. Happily, none of that occurred. It was such a slow moving film that most of the animals shots were just head shots with wide eyes. The one exception was a sad pet dog that was supposed to have its lips drawn back in a snarl. It was obvious that they had stuck the lips back somehow, and the dog was very uncomfortable. It's eyes looked sad, and it licked its poor lips a lot. I felt bad.

Watch this movie if you like wierd 1970's movie soundtracks, unknown 1970's actors in bell-bottom hiking gear or you want to see Leslie Nielson act his brains out.

Here is a link to a great review of the movie.


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