Les Petits Livres

Here are a few used books I've added to the library. I swear to Dieu that the used French books at Powell's are a never-ending treasury.

First up, "Je Suis un Paresseux" ( I am a Sloth ). Totally rad board book on sloths in french. How much more POUR MOI could a book be?

Well, let's see, how about "Je Me Renseigne Sur Mars"-- ( I teach myself about Mars ) 1967 illustrated science book about Mars? Incroyable!

But wait, there's also the charming "Fun With French" starring a goat and a parrot. Totalement cool!

I am inspired by these sweet, vintage illustrations and illustrators. I imagine them at their drawing desks painting in the sloth's smile, or the goat's glasses, or the wierd red 1960's martians ( will scare kids), and it's good to know people are sometimes involved in darling, wholesome activities. What am I , Quaker?

Here is the last page in the book about Mars. These wild red and black paintings by Don Miller make me feel a bit bleak, but the mid-century appeal is charming.

"Plus tard, les hommes voudront sans doubt construeire des villes sur la Planete Rouge...Mars ne sera plus riche en mysteres. Elle sera un nouveau chez-soi."

translation: "Later, men will no doubt build cities on the Red Planet...Mars will no longer be rich in mysteries. It will be a new home."
Creepy!!!! I hope not!!!!


noelle said…
these books are awesome. i'm jealous!
Diane said…
Come to the french aisle at Powell's and I'll show you more that you can take home avec toi! xoxo Diane
ps: let's have a scrabble night soon!
librepenseur said…
Hi Diane !

You read french books ! Cool !

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Yesterday evening, he spoke of himself during 90 mn !

He tolds to ""le Peuple" que Obama viendra en Avril en France (That Obama will comme to France in April).

And that as he told him by phone, he is not the only one in the World ! Himself (Sarkozy) is here !

Le Peuple espère que Obama vient pour nous libérer : French hope that Obama come to deliver France !