The Legendary Black Marquis

My friend and coworker Mark Savage (aka The Legendary Black Marquis) has two fantastic blogs I must post about, them being NOTES ON SELF-SAVAGERY, and his other blog THE FICTIONAL FILM CLUB. Both blogs are witty, thoughtful and provocative, and sure to make you want to rent some old movies and drink a little absinthe.

A quote from his review of "Cary Grant Goes to Cat Heaven":

"We see, in effect, a Grant megamix, the mythical burden reconfigured in new contexts and found to be intact : Solid gold performance runs throughout, and the consistent selection means that say, a sentimental pairing of a beyond-cute kitten and maudlin strings is anchored by the tanned wonder himself goofing off

Parfait, non?


Very kind words, Diane.
I'm humnbled. Thank you!