2009, Dawning Bright, Shiny and Dusted with Snow

Well, would you look at fancy Miss 2009!!! It's like a fairy tale outside with the two inches of new snow covering the rooftops and the bright sun shining on the snowy trees. A clean, fresh and very good omen!

Last night's art show was tres amusante. Before it began I clocked out at 6pm and took a walk down the street to the Deschutes brewery where I had a pint of delicious Inversion ale, toasting myself, the new year, and the art show reception which was about to take place. Deschutes is a beautiful building with lots of windows, white xmas lights and copper and wood fixtures inside. Urban northwest cozy posh.

Then it's back to Powell's and the art show! Thank you to all who stopped by.... Leroy, John, Gary Davis, Greg Petix, Eric and Tiff, Rick, Stephanie, Carolyn, Carol Easter and Robert Gherke, my sister Sara and nephew Kale, Morgan and Jaime, Matt....and...? Well, thanks! And a HUGE thank you to Marci McFarlan who runs the gallery and organized everything. She made beautiful postcards for us and put out quite a delicous spread of cheese and cookies. Merci Merci a tous!!!


The art show will be up through the month of January, check it out!