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My Hero

Thursday night I got to shake hands for the second time in my life with INGRID NEWKIRK, the patron saint of animals in distress. Ingrid of course is the founder and fearless inspirational force behind PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Ingrid spoke at Powell's and I was lucky enough to get a photo with her. I met her about 8 years ago in Eugene at Hungry Head Bookstore when I went to a reading and gave her an animal print I made. She in turn sent it on to the Greyhound rescue organization Grey2kUsa. I've made greyhound greeting cards for them ever since, and have been proud of my association with an organization dedicated to ending the cruel practice of greyhound racing.
Ingrid is an amazing woman. Gracious and eloquent, she is a warrior on the front of animal abuse. She is willing to put herself anywhere, in front of anyone to stop abuse and raise awareness. After all, it takes people like her and you and me because of course ANIMALS CAN'T SPEAK F…