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Showing posts from October 29, 2008

The New York Connection

The Valiant Arms have taken Manhattan! At 12:30 pm, October 24th at the world famous Knitting Factory we plugged in and rocked a ferocious 25 minute set.
The Knitting Factory is in one the hundreds of incredibly beautiful old buildings in Manhattan. Inside the club there are stages on each of the 3 floors, and for this day at least, each one was full of Portland artists. It was very surreal to see so many familiar faces in such a faraway place! I was delighted to see Portland's Stumptown coffee providing coffee for the event, because for the most part New York coffee is a little teeny bit crap. I was so excited to be running around in that beautiful old place with my friends and my beautiful daughter! Cora hasn't seen my band play in about 3 years.
Thanks to Bill and Gayle for taking pictures and little movies.

Here is a great article in the WW about the Portland showcase!