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Right Through The Very Heart of It - New York, New York

The Valiant Arms are changing guitar strings and buying new drum heads.....we're off to New York City to play at the annual College Music Journal Festival!! Sometime in the afternoon on Friday, October 24th we will take the stage at the Knitting Factory to rock New York City's socks off. I'm sure the entire city will grind to a halt when the dulcet yet amplified sounds of THE VALIANT ARMS fall upon the ears of the people.

Not only this, but another miracle...Greg and Cora get to come! I am even more excited to show my daughter the wonder of New York City than I am to play to show. We are going to take the ferry to visit the Statue of Liberty, and take in the Museum of Natural History. Seeing Cora in New York will be a dream come true!


A very rare occasion, the children were elsewhere and Greg and I were free to step out for the evening. We chose "Rocket", a bar on 12th and E. Burnside we'd heard had fantastic views. The views were indeed excellent and the "bar" turns out to be a beautiful restaurant. A sleek, modern design with horticultural motifs. The logo is a simple, elegant illustration of an Arugula leaf. The green business cards are also seed packets with seeds inside them. It's a luxurious feel up there, and very sweet.

The restaurant belongs to a man named Leather Storrs. Leather is the brother to Ann Storrs who is a longtime family friend of Robert Christie's parents. I hadn't remembered that connection until we were sitting at the bar and the chef came out to us.
He said with a smile, "I hear you belong to the Robert Christie Fan Club." I was stunned and delighted. He went on to tell us who he was. We all spoke for a moment about Robert and wished e…