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Republicans Are Unpatriotic

Let's abolish the two-party system! By now we can all agree that some Republicans are very bad people. A lot of them should be thrown in jail! Their ridiculous idea of "values" is at best exclusive and negligent and at worst cruel and criminal. After 8 long years of the worst presidency in our history, after countless lives and trillions of dollars are wasted, after creating a nose-diving economy riddled with debt, a heating world facing mass-extinction, and an ignorant, obese nation that is the laughing-stock of the world, we apparently might elect two more Republicans to the White House.
Here is an excerpt describing Sarah Palin's right-wing Christian agenda as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska:
Palin's personal connection to IACC, (International Association of Character Cities) and her efforts to bring its agenda to Wasilla as mayor, sheds new light on her connections to the Christian far right, as well as her willingness to infuse government with its ideals rooted in…