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Showing posts from September 7, 2008

The Jealous Butcher

Thank you Rob Jones!!! That's the word on the streets this week after all and sundry attended
the Musicfest Northwest Jealous Butcher Records showcase last friday night. First a fancy party was held at the CD Forge studio, then the attendees and musicians moved the party to the Someday Lounge where 6 bands rocked the night away.
Over the past 15 years Rob Jones has made it all happen for scores of musicians. He plays a major part in every aspect of the records he releases from arranging the recording sessions to designing the record and packaging, to silk screening the records, folding the little boxes and tying them up with string. He writes the liner notes, pastes on the little photo corners and coordinates limited vinyl pressings with a guy in New Zealand. AND he is cheerful and lovely to boot. So here's to MR. JONES and all the happy people he has helped realize their rock and roll

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