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Sarah Palin is George Bush with a womb. The desperate, pitiful attempt by John McCain to "energize" ie: rescue his party has resulted in the nomination of a gun-loving, gay-hating, nepotistic, petty beauty queen White Trash Breeder for VP. Listening to the other republicans talk about how she's so "real" makes me want to puke. If Obama's teenage child was pregnant they would NOT be so supportive. The hypocrisy and ruthless pursuit of power by the Republican party is criminal in its negligence, and once again they've demonstrated their willingness to sink our country into mismanagement and corruption by this choice.

On another note: why do we put so much effort into choosing our Presidential Nominee, taking nearly a year and innumerable counts of votes in every state, only to allow one person to choose the 2ND IN COMMAND. This is not a democratic tradition, and leaves us all open to the whim of a desperate, power-hungry individual. Thanks to Pam and Patri…