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Showing posts from July 5, 2008

Waves of Joy

It's crazy how much Seattle resembles San Francisco. But with a crisper, more northern glint to
the sun, and pine trees lining the bay.

The Rendezvous Theater is on 2nd street, over-looking the Pike St. Market along the water. Inside it has satin brocade wall coverings and red velvet curtains surrounding the tiny stage. My dear pal Don Blair's band The Waves joined us there
along with Portland compadres Wow and Flutter.

Thanks to all of you for making the trip!

I haven't hung out in a Seattle alley-way in about 15 years. Playing frisbee with Eric J after the show and the guys from W&F finding records in the dumpster there. Friends from the good-old days were there too, as well as two of our best Portland friends Phil and Barb who sat right in the front row! And took pictures! (seen here.) Merci bien, mes amis!!! And thanks to Mary from The Waves for helping us set up this show. Let's set up another!

Seattle is over its grunge plague thank goodness, and fares much …