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Showing posts from June 25, 2008

"Does Jack Black live Here???"

Cora kept a sharp eye out for Jack Black and Steve Carell, while I would have settled for Eric Estrada or that guy who won "Survivor: Fiji". We were disappointed, there were no stars in sight during our visit to Santa Monica.

Our personal luminaries were out in full force however! My 90-year old grandmother, Virginia Spurgin accompanied us on some beautiful walks through my childhood neighborhood. Santa Monica is a truly lovely place, splashed by the ocean air drifting up the streets from my past: Wilshire, Montana, Santa Monica blvd. I love returning there and soaking in this magical atmosphere.

We avoided Disneyland this year, choosing instead to frolic in the warm waves and visit the superb Getty Museum. The beach was a postcard of palm trees, friendly surf and even DOLPHINS. Greg swam right next to a dolphin, and was a mite concerned it might not be a dolphin until it was properly identified.

Here is a poem I wrote:

Saint by the sea
a scrubbed clean California dream