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Showing posts from June 13, 2008


This spring has been unique in its presidential campaigns, weather patterns, and life changes. In amongst the unprecedented success of Barack Obama, the violent tornadoes, heat waves and 100-year floods of the east, I have a bitchin' new job! I am a proud employee of Powell's City of Books, the largest new-and-used bookstore IN THE WORLD!

I am finally getting the time to explore this huge, wonderful place, learning where all the book sections and subsections are....New Arrivals? Green Room. Literature? Blue Room. Nautical Fiction? Why, right next to the Erotica in the Gold Room, of course. I love my coworkers, and being downtown is fun, although the 10pm Burnside bus ride home isn't very cozy. I think there may have been some pimps on my last one.

This is taken from my bus stop.