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Modern Greeks

Modern Greek architecture in Salem, Oregon? A dazzling expanse of white Vermont marble? Our capital building is pretty dern fancy!

The website adds this about the interior:

"The rotunda, the halls, and all of the lobby areas are lined with a warm, delicately polished Rose Travertine from Montana. The floor and stair- cases of the rotunda utilize large squares of Phoenix Napoleon grey marble from Missouri with borders of Radio Black marble from Vermont."

The capital building, and the neighboring Justice and Supreme Court buildings give rare polish to the normally somewhat squalid Salem, Oregon. The care and artistry put into the elegant design of these halls represents both the respect public buildings received, as well as the sophisticated tastes of the day. Standing on the steps of the Capital does feel a bit disorienting however, with it's vast, white expanse of polished stone. It feels just the teeniest b…