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Showing posts from June 2, 2008

Western Wigstock!

Once again the annual "Taurus Trash Bash" has brightened our lives with its outrageous, creative and hilarious hi jinx. My friends Jeff and Niel host this themed costume party, and this year's Wild West theme brought out the rough and rowdy saloon girl in all of us. An extremely well-stocked bar, good food and a "pants-off" game of Twister made the day memorable. ( I swear I did not participate in the twister game.) As usual the entertainment was flawless with a great cowgirl drag show that included showtunes as well as some serious "Reba" McEntire. Greg, Leroy and I stood by the tee pee with the jello shots inside, and cheered on the dancers, the romancers, and the pants-off twister champions. Thanks again, Jeff and Niel for a great party!