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Showing posts from May 20, 2008

July, July, July!

Hey check this! The Valiant arms will play in Seattle on July 3rd with Don Blair's Seattle band The Waves! That's THE Don Blair from Some Velvet Sidewalk, people! Catch some Waves (in your Valiant Arms) at the Rendezvous Jewelbox Theater 2322 2nd ave. Seattle.

July 10th the Valiant Arms open for Retribution Gospel Choir at the Doug Fir! 830 E. Burnside, Portland, OR.

The RGC features Alan Sparhawk and Steve Garrington from the band Low. It should be a delightful evening of LOUD MUSIC. See you there!


My coworker Jeremy and I delivered the Dinosaur Leg to The World Forestry Center on Friday. Evidently I made the leg too big to get out of the basement, so we had to remove the stair rail to squeeze it up through. Finally, the leg was liberated! It sat quietly taking in the fresh air and feeling the grass beneath its chicken wire. After a few moments of we stuffed it in a minivan and Jeremy drove it away. Goodbye, Dino Leg!

The Leg is not really gone, but available for all to see at the World Forestry Center. The exhibit "Ancient Trees: Walking in the Footsteps of Dinosaurs" is on display through August 2nd.