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Showing posts from May 19, 2008

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Thank you, Louise! My manager graciously gave me the afternoon off to enjoy the Obama rally downtown. The rally was like a rally-dream where you get to pick all the perfect elements and create your own. River setting, sunshine, pretty bridges, enormous friendly crowd, Inspiring-Historically-Significant Leader, and oh yes, let's have THE DECEMBERISTS OPEN. How could I miss it?

Actually, I missed the Decemberists, but I imagine they were wonderful. There's no way they weren't wonderful. And even though I could only see Obama's back and occasionally his profile, and only catch every tenth word, I felt inspired. The groups around me, craning their necks and straining their ears, were inspired. We all clapped and hooted when it seemed the timing might be right. Everyone was friendly (except that one guy, and there's always one guy). I loved it. And judging by the Oregonian's front page headline "Portland Wows Obama", he liked it too.

Not to jinx it…