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Showing posts from May 7, 2008

"There's no one left to fly the plane!"

Ok, so I've been on an "Airport" binge. I started by watching "Airport '75" and liked it so much I quickly went on to "Airport '77", and then the original "Airport". I have yet to see "Airport: Concorde", but now that I know JJ "Dino-mite" Walker is in it, it's next on the list. My favorite of all of them is definitely "Airport 75". This one gives you all the Hollywood star-power, and thrilling action you could ask for. Throw in a great 70's movie score and a performance by Helen Reddy as a singing nun, and you've got a completely entertaining experience!

These movies are like the Towering Inferno and Poseidon Adventure in that you see old, glamorous Hollywood stars mingling with the young and the hip 1970's celebrities. In "'75" you've got Myrna Loy (from the incomparable "Thin Man" series of the 1930's) and freaking GLORIA SWANSON fer chrissake, pl…