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Showing posts from May 5, 2008

Velvet Evening

The Towne Lounge is magic! A shabbily elegant, small white palace balanced between upper west Burnside and downtown. Overlooking the city lights, beneath the giant friendly Volvo sign. We started off the evening by greeting our dear friend Kaia as we all loaded in equipment. It's so great to share a stage with her once again, as we often did decades ago. Her set was beautiful. Soft, soulful songs about dogs and driving and people lost but not forgotten. She was joined by a stand-up bass player named Will and Most-Excellent drummer Marcie from Team Dresch. Kaia's more country-ish tunes stole my heart and made the audience sing along. I was afraid to follow that act, she had the audience in her hand.

However, The Valiant Arms turned up the volume and broke a sweat. We had at least one crazy dancer, and we had a mighty FINE TIME!