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Showing posts from April 27, 2008

Rites of Spring

Walking through downtown on an early, sweet and clean Saturday morning before anyone else...My headphones are filled with the sounds of the great band the Rites Spring and I'm savoring the softness of every new green leaf. The buildings are beautiful against the blue sky and fresh, friendly air.

"Caught in time so far away from where our hearts really wanted to be - Reaching out to find a way to get back to where we'd been - And if summer left you dry with nothing left to try - This Time...... Caught at a distance from myself and there was no one there to know - What could I do? - I have learned sometimes a need can run too deep and we throw away the things we most wanted to keep and inside we lie over and over again - This Time...... If you don't now you'd better learn to believe me when I say I'm going to build a wall around this town Around these hearts and hands."
--"Spring" by the Rites of Spring