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Dear Editor:

The Oregonian published my letter to the editor!

Thank You, Switzerland!

Saturday I had feelings of invincibility, of adventurous delight and a desire to seize the day. So I rode the aerial tram.

Until now I have been afraid to ride the tram because of my silly fear of height. But that day I decided that if I really want to be the metropolitan gad-about of my dreams, I had to breeze onto the tram, like it was something I do every day, and enjoy it!

It was amazing. Smooth, and so beautiful, clean and easy. No fear, just exhilaration, and gratitude to the swiss designers that created these lovely little vessels. I was so happy that I wasn't afraid, I forgot to ask the very nice conductor man if we were in the pod named "Jean" or "Walt". Cora said she thought it was probably "Walt".

What a great afternoon!