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Showing posts from April 14, 2008

Horsey Skirt

I tried a new skirt pattern, a more complicated one, and I learned a lot. Many mistakes, a somewhat lumpy waistband, and most grievously...the horses are upside down! Note to self: check print direction before you cut it out. This little number has a "western" yoke seam in the front and back. A cute detail, but my clumsy seamstress skills may have made it a bit less cute than it wanted to be. Never mind! The next skirt will have sassy seams and a herd of wild horses with their hooves on the ground.

"When all the world is young lad, and all the trees are green, and every goose a swan lad, and every lass a queen..."

My friend at Goose Hollow. I often pass by this goose while riding the MAX to work. Every day it sits cheerfully, sometimes rain dripping from its beak, sometimes sun shining on its brassy feathers.