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Goldsmith Gala

What a great night! First Thursday, 5th and
Couch. A balmy spring evening and hoardes of art enthusiasts. Live music and the Church of Elvis? Icing on the cake.
The gods are smiling on Morgan Pasinski, a motivating force behind the Goldsmith Art Collective, and she who so kindly invited me to show as a guest. The show came off without a hitch, the enormous ex-Portland Art Center space filled to the rim with a variety of work and talent. Morgan's textured paintings looked super fine and sold well. Matt Condron's large and colorful oil paintings of vintage chairs commanded one side of the room, and Juliana Paradisi's beautiful Police Horse series was impressive. The lovely and talented Misty Ray joined me as a guest artist and her layered vintage collages also did a lively business.
The evening was graced with all kinds of visitors, from posh Pearl bon vivants to underfed hipsters to several Super Villains, dressed in masks and capes. One such villain, Dr. Nebulus, may h…