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Showing posts from March 31, 2008

Go Jack Klugman, Go!

I am absolutely in love with Jack Klugman. I always have been. He reminds me of my childhood in 1960's Santa Monica. Jack is suing NBC over money owed him from re-runs of Quincy. I hope he gets every penny, he deserves it! ( I always thought his wife Brett Somers was a lucky woman not only because she was married to Jack, but because she got to sit next to Charles Nelson Reilly on the Match Game!)

You Wear a Wimple, and I'll Wear a Snood

One of the many things that make apparel design, fashion and costumes so dear to me are the amazing, whimsical words that have been used over the centuries to name different articles of clothing. Some of my favorite examples are:

Wimple ( head and neck scarf typically worn in the middle ages )
Peplum ( the "skirt" of a jacket or blouse, popular in the 1940's )
Snood ( knitted, or tatted net to hold the hair off the neck)
Reticule ( dainty coin purse )
Organza ( stiff, sheer material )
Toile (printed fabric with a classical theme, on a neutral background)
Bustle (hideously restricting metal cages worn on lower back or hips under skirt to give volume)
Crinoline ( frilly, stiff underskirt, comes in a rainbow of colors)
Eyelet ( embroidered cut-outs in cotton)
Tatting (a technique for making lace)
Underpinnings (vintage underwear)
Cotillion (not fashion, just an afternoon luncheon, but a delicious word anyway)
Taffeta (stiff, shiny dress fabric)
Georgette (slinky silk)

See how fun this sen…