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Showing posts from March 7, 2008

Hallelujah for Richard Dawkins!

I discovered a wonderful person today, Richard Dawkins. I've never heard his name before, but evidently he's been blowing people's minds for decades. RD is an "evolutionary biologist" amongst other things, and teaches at Oxford University. He is an atheist, and a lover of Einstein. He speaks about touchy subjects such as religion and science with succinct clarity that makes my hair stand on end with relief. Finally, someone who is so educated, so articulate and so unequivocally RIGHT speaks all the words I would if I was able. He has written many books, the latest is "The God Delusion". I heard him interviewed on NPR today. He is respectful and completely thorough in his address of the compatibility of science and religion. Without laughing or sneering (which I could not do) he reminded the listening audience that 46% of Americans believe that the universe was created by a single mind, and is only 6,000 years old. (I'm sure those are the peo…