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Showing posts from February 17, 2008


Here are two puppies that need a home! They were rescued from the side of a road where some complete loser dumped them. They couldn't be a sweeter pair of girls! Both are potty-trained and well-behaved despite their traumatic past, and want nothing more than to please. Geri is the more out-going of the two, and Jane is the more shy. They are needing a place to live within the next two weeks or they'll have to go to the shelter. Please contact Niki at 503-816-2482 or at

2008 Diane Rios Spring Collection

Skirts and bags, people. Skirts and bags! I finished my first piece of clothing for someone other than myself today, and it turned out mighty nice if I do say so myself. A simple A-line skirt (with an only slightly wobbly waistband and zipper) and a whole fleet of make-up bags. I want to follow these up with different sized bags for travel, and something in brocade for evening. Stay tuned!