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Showing posts from February 16, 2008

More Than Your Money's Worth

Wunderland. So-called because it would be false advertising to call it "Wonder"-land. My child is at an age when this is the pinnacle of local entertainment, so we took her and her friend to the Nickel Arcade on Belmont street. I whizzed through a 2.50 cent bag of nickles enjoying such escapades as "Wheel Deal" ( a creepy pink record player that took my nickel) to "Basket Buster", a game like skeeball, but not any fun at all, and then my personal favorite "18 Wheeler" that was like driving a big rig at top speed. After I wrecked it, I felt nauseous. The Titanic looked really interesting with its sinking ship under a plexiglass dome, but alas we were out of nickels. After the child and her friend spent their well-earned tickets on several different kinds of lead-filled toxic plastic toys, we left this Babylon and headed home.